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Higher - The Naked and Famous


Simple Forms
synthpop electronic electropop indie indietronica

Released as the first single from the group’s third album Simple Forms, the song is a synth-laden, power charged anthem with a shout-along chorus they have made their trademark. The band revealed in interviews at the time of its release that the song (along with remainder of the album) was in jeopardy of not being made, due to strain on the band stemming from the breakdown of an eight-year relationship between band co-founders Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers. In the face of the possibility of the band splitting up as a result, they instead channeled their heartbreak and emotions into the music itself. Said Xayalith to Consequence of Sound: There’s pain and passion behind this art. Pop techniques are all about maximum impact. And it’s not like this is an album of bangers but it’s the most immediate thing we’ve ever done." The song’s lyrics echo this statement, dealing with such themes as redemption, owning pain and learning from the experience it provides, and using this experience to better yourself and foster a heightened sense of being. The song was performed live on the third episode of LIVE with Youtube Gaming.

The Naked and Famous are a five piece indie band hailing from Auckland, New Zealand. The band comprises Thom Powers, Alisa Xayalith, Aaron Short, David Beadle and Jesse Wood. According to the Young Blood Songfacts, they took the name from a line in UK trip hop singer-songwriter Tricky's track, Tricky Kid. After their initial formation in 2008, their debut album "Passive Me, Aggressive You" was released on the "Somewhat Damaged" label during September 2010. Show more ...

Higher - The Naked and Famous

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