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A.D.D. - Ten Foot Pole


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Ten Foot Pole was founded in 1983 as Scared Straight. Scared Straight was a punk band from Simi Valley, California. The band was formed in 1983 by a group of friends and was originally called S.O.F. Original members were Scott Radinsky, Mike Thompson, Gary Gallanes and Dennis Jagard, who started the band to enter a "Battle of the Bands" competition at a local skate rink. After going through several members and name changes, they began playing with some "Nardcore" bands from nearby Oxnard, California, which helped them gain recognition. Show more ...

A.D.D. - Ten Foot Pole

Mommy, what does hyper mean?
Teacher says I'll never read
She says I need to take a pill
So I can learn to sit real still

The microwaves did something to our brains
We need to take these pills to help us change

Please, let me take them; I don't want to be an idiot
Ritalin will make me smart
At least that's what my teacher said
All the other kids take them; I think I am the only one
I need something to slow me down
I talk too much 'cause I am dumb

Mommy, what's a deficit?
I think it means that I can't sit
Disorder of attention
And I don't learn the lesson

Mommy, please, help me see the light
Don't you know my teacher's always right?
Joey's starting on week four
He's not in trouble any more
Susie's ending up week nine
Now she's never out of line

Please, let me take them; I don't want to be an idiot
Now Mommy takes my Ritalin
There's not enough for me, she said
All the other moms take them; I think it's not just mine
I don't know if she's smarter now
But at least she's feeling fine