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Valentine - T'Pau


80s pop female vocalists soft rock seen live

T'Pau was a late-1980s rock group led by singer Carol Decker. They had a string of Top 40 hits in the UK, and several hits in the United States and Europe. T'Pau formed in 1986. The members originated from the towns of Shrewsbury and Wellington in central England and took their name from a Vulcan high priestess in the classic Star Trek episode Amok Time. Their debut single and first hit was the 1987 release Heart and Soul. Initially a flop in the UK, it first became a hit in the U. Show more ...

Valentine - T'Pau

Songs for my valentine
Give the game away
In rhyme I make you mine
Sing all I cannot say
I known mine are the tears I never cry
I know mine is a love I must deny
Songs for my valentine
Give the game away
I see you every day
With happy home and child
I look the other way
Cold on the outside
I know mine are the arms you'll never hold
I know mine is a love remains untold
Songs for my valentine
Oh they give the game away