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Confused - Sylver


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Sylver is a Belgian dance act best known for the song "Turn the Tide". The group was named 'Liquid feat Sylvie' but this one existed already, so it became 'Sylver'. The group's vocalist is Silvy de Bie (born January 4, 1981) and keyboardist/songwriter is Wout Van Dessel (born October 19, 1974). Regi Penxten is the producer and co-songwriter. Silvy began her musical career at the age of nine on the Belgian television series De Kinderacademie (The Children's Academy). Show more ...

Confused - Sylver

So dark and deep
All the shadows on the wall
They seem as real
As Dali's creatures, great and small

My hope is gone
All my demons come to call
From dust 'till dawn
I look so shelter from it all

My life's confused
And I try to stumble through day
My mind's abused
All these thoughts forever stray