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Bloodsport - Sneaker Pimps


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Sneaker Pimps were a downtempo/trip-hop band which formed in Hartlepool, England in 1995. The band best known for their first album Becoming X released in 1996, and particularly its highest charting single "6 Underground". As Line of Flight and Frisk, DJs and childhood friends Chris Corner and Liam Howe (from Middlesbrough and Hartlepool in the NE of England) released two EPs: "Soul of Indiscretion" and "World as A Cone" in the early 1990s. While not nearly as complex as the song-based material they would produce Show more ...

Bloodsport - Sneaker Pimps

I want to be a kid again
Combed down hair and Sunday best
See me staying out bunking school
Knowing wrong from right just rules

I wish I'd never seen your face
"Better door than window" phase
I need an echo not your praise
Straying from the point you nailed

My mother
My mother
My mother never told

My mother
My mother
My mother never told me
Love is just a bloodsport

S** and love is not a game
A game is something you can win
And maybe something kind of fun
Cause love is just a bloodsport "son"