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Marijuanaut's Theme - Sleep

Marijuanaut's Theme

Live At Third Man Records
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There are several artists titled Sleep; 1) Sleep is an American doom metal power trio from San Jose, California. The band earned critical and record label attention early in its career. Critic Eduardo Rivadavia describes them as "perhaps the ultimate stoner rock band" and notes they exerted a strong influence on heavy metal in the 1990s. However, conflict with its record company contributed to Sleep's breakup by the end of the decade. The band reformed in 2009 and has played sporadic live dates internationally since. Show more ...

Marijuanaut's Theme - Sleep

Saturn V rise - as gravity dies - through ionosphere he flies
Capsule is flown - beyond the known - admixture sustains smokesuit as home
Traverse galactic sea - inhaler of the rifftree
Initiate burn - never to return - a distant earth fades receding

Through the hashteroid fields - a transmission yields - now riff beacon signal is received
Trajectory set a new bearing - cross alien skies command module flies
Sojourns the lone stoned soul - Marijuanaut loads a new bowl
Behold as he enters the clearing - Planet Iommia nearing

Through Iommosphere chutes deploy capsule splash down on the TH sea. To raft - row the hash oil leagues to shoreline