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Plågoande o'helga plågoande - Shining

Plågoande o'helga plågoande

VI: Klagopsalmer
black metal Suicidal Black Metal depressive black metal metal seen live

Second track of 2009 released album VI - Klagopsalmer which had been released on Shinings official myspace beforehand.

There are multiple artists under the name of Shining: 1) A Swedish extreme metal / black metal band. 2) A Norwegian progressive metal / avant-garde jazz group. 3) Julian Beeston, an electronic musician. 4) Early noise recordings from Illinois, USA. 5) A Polish experimental death metal band. 6) An 80s German synthpop band. 7) A French hip hop artist. 1) Shining is a Swedish extreme metal / black metal band formed in 1996 by Niklas Kvarforth in Halmstad, Sweden. Show more ...

Plågoande o'helga plågoande - Shining

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