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You Know Me Well - Sharon Van Etten

You Know Me Well

Are We There
female vocalists indie vocal alternative singer-songwriter

Sharon van Etten is a Brooklyn, NY, USA, singer-songwriter who débuted with single Much More Than That (2007, Abaton Book Company). Her latest album is Are We There (14 May 2014, Jagjaguwar). She moved to Tennessee to attend Middle Tennessee State University, where she discovered a variety of influential music. After moving back home to New Jersey, she was encouraged by Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio to pursue a career in music. Sharon van Etten went on her first UK tour with Meg Baird in Jan 2008. Show more ...

You Know Me Well - Sharon Van Etten

Everyone will go with you
Listen the way out as you
Cut me to the chase
Til I'm on the other side
And when it all comes out
We're as empty as the brick that you
Built without the sides

Everyone is crazy with their own life
Lies in existential if you ever want to find your way out
Turn into yourself again and reach on out
To become your true self

You know me well.
You show me hell when I'm looking.
And here you are

All the skies are fallin and the sun is movin up and down
Even when you're in a dark way
Some decisions shield you from the positivity until
You reach out to me.
You say why you hate it as you pry your way in
I need another investigative mind
Tell me that you're injured, yourself, and you've been healin
And I will see this through.

You know me well.
You show me hell when I'm looking.
And here you are
I told you then
I'd hold you when you need it.
And there you are