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Afraid of Nothing - Sharon Van Etten

Afraid of Nothing

Are We There
indie vocal alternative female vocalists singer-songwriter

Sharon van Etten is a Brooklyn, NY, USA, singer-songwriter who débuted with single Much More Than That (2007, Abaton Book Company). Her latest album is Are We There (14 May 2014, Jagjaguwar). She moved to Tennessee to attend Middle Tennessee State University, where she discovered a variety of influential music. After moving back home to New Jersey, she was encouraged by Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio to pursue a career in music. Sharon van Etten went on her first UK tour with Meg Baird in Jan 2008. Show more ...

Afraid of Nothing - Sharon Van Etten

You told me the day
That you show me your face
We'd be in trouble for a long time

I can't wait
Til we're afraid
Of nothing
I can't wait
Til we hide
From nothing
And you decide
You throw me a lame "wait shit out"
You're a little late.
I need you
To be afraid of nothing.

Turning my way
You show me your face
We've known each other for a long time.

I need you to be afraid of nothing