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Waiting - Shakespear's Sister


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Shakespear's Sister were pop/rock duo consisting of former Bananarama member Siobhan Fahey and (from 1989 - 1996) singer/songwriter/guitarist Marcella Detroit (real name Marcy Levy). Detroit had previously performed with Eric Clapton, released a solo album in 1982, and has since released more solo material as well as a blues album with the Marcy Levy band. Fahey was born in Dublin, Ireland, and Detroit was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, hence her stage name. Show more ...

Waiting - Shakespear's Sister

And when you go away
Don't let the red glow burn my eyes
And if you make me pay to keep you
Name your price
And I'm just waiting
I'm waiting
And I'm just waiting
You think you miss me
I always made you smile
I feel the rope start to burn
But the victory will be mine
And I'm just waiting
I'm just waiting
I'm waiting
Just waiting....
What time, what time, what time is this?
One man came.... With my sister
He pulled her trousers down to the ground
... Blue sky speak to me speak to me
With your hair so long and feathery
With Chinese sunset her arm, voice, spirit...