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Stay - Shakespear's Sister


Hormonally Yours
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Released in January of 1992, "Stay" was the second single from Shakespear's Sister's second studio album, Hormonally Yours. It reached #1 on the UK Official Charts, where it stayed for eight consecutive weeks, #1 in Ireland, and #4 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. It was the 4th best selling single in the UK in 1992. Billboard Magazine ranked "Stay" as the 45th biggest single of 1992 in the United States. It sold in excess of 500,000 units in both territories. In 2010, the song was performed on the UK's version of The X Factor by then contestant Cher Lloyd. The single re-entered the UK charts at #12 and the Irish charts at #10.

Shakespear's Sister were pop/rock duo consisting of former Bananarama member Siobhan Fahey and (from 1989 - 1996) singer/songwriter/guitarist Marcella Detroit (real name Marcy Levy). Detroit had previously performed with Eric Clapton, released a solo album in 1982, and has since released more solo material as well as a blues album with the Marcy Levy band. Fahey was born in Dublin, Ireland, and Detroit was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, hence her stage name. Show more ...

Stay - Shakespear's Sister

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this world is wearing thin And
you're thinking of escape I'll
go anywhere with you Just
wrap me up in chains But
if you try to go out alone Don't
think i'll understand Stay

with me Stay
with me In

the silence of your room In
the darkness of your dreams You
must only think of me There
can be no in-betweens When
your pride is on the floor I'll
make you beg for more Stay

with me Stay
with me You'd

better hope and pray That
you make it safe Back
to your own world You'd
better hope and pray That
you wake one day In
your own world 'cuz
when you sleep at night They
don't hear your cries In
your own world Only
time will tell If
you can break the spell Back
in your own world Stay

with me Stay
with me (repeats
til end) --
Marcella Detroit and Siobhan Fahey From
the cd _HORMONALLY yours_ ------------------------

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