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Who's To Judge - SS Decontrol

Who's To Judge

The Kids Will Have Their Say

SSD (Society System Decontrol) was a straight edge hardcore punk band from Boston. They released two records as SS Decontrol and then formally changed their name to SSD. As SSD they released two more records, these with a very heavy metal influenced sound. However the group is often simply referred to, including all its periods, as SSD. Formed by songwriter/guitarist Al Barile (then a machinist at the General Electric plant in Lynn, Massachusetts and a student at Northeastern University) Show more ...

Who's To Judge - SS Decontrol

Quick to judge on what you see
Don t even know what s inside of me
Wear a badge and carry a gun
Be a "punker" have some fun
Men in blue, a job to fill
You think I m dressed to kill
All aren t evil, all aren t good
Comdemn the world if you could
The judgements you make must stop
A new understanding must begin
We ve all got to learn how to cope
You get out of life what you put in
Misinterpret my intentions
Have the wrong evaluations
Society judges by its cover
Turn the page try to discover
Wear what you want so will I
It only covers what s inside
You think you know but you don t see
The clothes I wear don t think for me