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'you had to be there' - Roger Taylor

'you had to be there'

my autumn of 99

Roger Meddows Taylor was born on 26th July 1949 in King's Lynn, Norfolk, England is best known for being the drummer in famous rock group, Queen. He was the first member of Queen to launch a solo career, although it was not widely successful. He has released five albums; Fun In Space (1981), Strange Frontier (1984), Happiness? (1994) and Electric Fire (1998). The latest album, Fun On Earth, was released in November 2013. Before Queen, Taylor founded Smile with Brian May. Show more ...

'you had to be there' - Roger Taylor

(Roger Taylor)

The sweetest moments
That I ever had
The most magic memories
That I recall
(when the man came out
And complained in the hall)
When I met you
When I met you
'you had to be there'

The darkest hour
That I ever lived
And the longest fall
That I ever fell

And the sun went in
And the night was hell
When you left me
When you left me
'you had to be there'

The sweetest thoughts
That I entertain
Are of happy days
That might come again

I don't know your face
I don't know your name
'til we meet again.....
Hope we meet again
'you have to be there'