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Girl - Robots in Disguise


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Electroclash electro electro punk electronic electronica

Formed in 2000, Robots In Disguise are an electro band based in London and Berlin. Members include: Delia Gaitskell (vocals, guitars - aka Dee Plume), Suzanne Powell (vocals, bass - aka Sue Denim) and Gemma Hill (vocals, drums). Their latest album is "Happiness V Sadness" (Jul 2011, President). Sue and Dee, who met while students in Liverpool, took stage-names from the words for: a writer's pen name, "nom de plume" (Dee Plume) and an assumed name, "pseudonym" (Sue Denim). Show more ...

Girl - Robots in Disguise

You like to throw up words
Speak to us s'if we got germs
And label us with junior terms
I'm a dog I'm a pig I'm a cow I'm a bird (Tweet Tweet)
Your tongue twists ans scars
I need these tags like stabs in the heart
Names for my s** - Oh Blah Blah Blah
I'm a slag I'm a s*** I'm a tramp I'm a tart
It's not a dirty word
It's not a dirty word
C'mon use it dream it choose t own it sign it scream it
G-I-are-L - girl!!
We're a double X and proud of it
So vexed -Shan't mind our language
With the F word - F for feminist
I'm a doll I'm a witch I'm a peach I'm a bitch
Hands up 'f you wanna be in our gang
Cos ladies need a modern vocab
And for starters snatch the old school slang
I'm a twat I'm a bag I'm a c*** I'm a shag