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Cosmos Rockin' - Queen + Paul Rodgers

Cosmos Rockin'

The Cosmos Rocks
classic rock Queen rock hard rock video

This is a song dealing with partying and generally having a good time. Its working title was "Whole House Rockin'". Brian May confirmed it was written by Roger Taylor. Paul Rodgers sings all the lead, with the chorus vocals dominated by Taylor. Brian May, 2008 Bob & Tom Show (US Radio): "Roger had this song called “The Whole World’s Rockin’” and it’s on there now. It starts off with “the whole house rockin’”, and then “the whole town rockin’”, “the whole world rockin’” and then I went, “Well, why don’t we have ‘the whole Universe rockin’’?” So that’s kind of, and it’s just for fun, you know. It’s not a serious comment on cosmology, you know, but it just fun to think, yeah, you can get the whole cosmos rockin’, you know. So that’s kind of how the thing took shape and there’s a few little allusions in thereto the - to the Cosmos."

In November 2004, the first annual UK Music Hall Of Fame induction ceremony took place and as "Queen" was inducted, surviving active members Brian May and Roger Taylor (without bassist John Deacon who retired from the music business in 1997) play the band's double A-side hits, "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions", complete with former "Free" and "Bad Company" frontman Paul Rodgers. They closed the show with Free's classic, "All Right Now", with help from the group "the Polyphonic Spree". Show more ...

Cosmos Rockin' - Queen + Paul Rodgers

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