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Just for Me - Pulley

Just for Me

punk rock

Pulley is a Southern California punk rock formed in 1994. The band is known for straight-forward, hard-edged melodic punk. Pulley was formed upon vocalist Scott Radinsky's departure from Ten Foot Pole, brought about by that band's desire for a singer with a full-time focus on music (Radinsky is also a famous major-league relief pitcher and has played for the Los Angeles Dodgers among others). Pulley's initial lineup included drummer Jordan Burns, guitarist Jim Cherry, guitarist Mike Harder, and former Face to Face bassist Matt Riddle. Show more ...

Just for Me - Pulley

Forget the tears running down my face
Everything so unimportant and you say
When we understand all our problems will
Go away and I'm just trying to keep things
Simple know what's it going to take for me
To say a few more hours I think we need a
Change get back to all the reasons when
We've tried to turn the other way response
Triggers an image I'm just trying to keep
It all together now what's it going to take
For me to say I built these walls around
My world so no one could get in selfish
That's the way I want to be sharing not
My thing and definitely won't give
I'm keeping all that's left it's just for me.