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Too Many Puppies - Primus

Too Many Puppies

Frizzle Fry
funk metal alternative rock alternative alternative metal Primus

Primus is a San Francisco-based band formed in the mid-1980s by two ex-members of thrash metal band Blind Illusion: Les Claypool and Larry LaLonde. Les (vocals and bass guitar) has been the only constant member. They have had two guitar players (although Larry has held onto the role for the past 20 years) and many different drummers (although Tim Alexander, Bryan Mantia and Jay Lane were the only ones who recorded with the band) in the past. Their Show more ...

Too Many Puppies - Primus

Too many puppies are being shot in the dark
Too many puppies are trained not to bark at the sight of blood that must be spilled so that we may maintain our oil fields
Too many puppies, too many puppies

Too many puppies are taught to heal
Too many puppies are trained to kill
On the command of men wearing money belts that buy mistresses sleek animal pelts
Too many puppies, too many puppies, too many pup-pup-pup-puppies, too many puppies

Pay the keep moral up high?
Was all a-flutter?

Too many puppies with guns in their hands
Too many puppies in foreign lands are dressed up sharp in suits of green and placed upon the war machine
Too many puppies are just like me
Too many puppies are afraid to see the visions of the past brought to life again
Too many puppies, too many dead men

El Sobrante number one