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Range Life - Pavement

Range Life

Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
indie Lo-Fi indie rock alternative 90s

Pavement are an American indie rock band that formed in Stockton, California in 1989. For most of the period to 1999, the band consisted of Stephen Malkmus (vocals, guitar), Scott "Spiral Stairs" Kannberg (guitar, vocals), Mark Ibold (bass), Steve West (drums) and Bob Nastanovich (percussion, vocals). During that period, and since, they have frequently been described as one of the most influential bands to emerge from the American underground of the '90s. Show more ...

Range Life - Pavement

After the glow, the scene, the stage, the set

Talk becomes slow but there's one thing I'll never forget:

Hey, you gotta pay your dues before you pay the rent.

Over the turnstile turn out in the traffic

There's ways of living it's the way I'm living

Right or wrong, it's all that I can do,

And I wouldn't want to let you be

I want a range life, if I could settle down,

If I could settle down, then I would settle down


Run from the pigs, the fuzz, the cops, the heat

Pass me your gloves, this crime wave is never complete

Until you snort it up or shoot it down

You're never gonna feel free

Out on my skateboard the night is just hummin'

And the gum smacks are the pulse I'll follow if my walkman fades

But I've got absolutely no one, no one but myself to blame

Don't worry- we're in no hurry

School's out, what did you expect?

I want a range life, if I could settle down,

If I could settle down, then I would settle down


Out on tour with the smashing pumpkins

Nature kids, i/they don't have no function

I don't understand what they mean

And I could really give a fuck.

The stone temple pilots,

They're elegant bachelors

They're foxy to me are they foxy to you?

I will agree there isn't absolutely nothing

Nothing more than me

Dreamin' dream dream dream....