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Someday - Pat Monahan


Last Of Seven
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Irish-American musician Patrick "Pat" Monahan (born on February 28, 1969 in Erie (Waterford), Pennsylvania) is the lead singer-songwriter behind the Grammy award winning band Train. He's a successful solo artist and has collaborated with multiple artists. Pat plays acoustic guitar, mandolin, percussion, saxophone, flute, electric violin, clarinet and trombone. Pat released his first solo album, 'Last of Seven', on September 18, 2007, followed by a nation-wide tour. Show more ...

Someday - Pat Monahan

I am barely stable.
I am afraid to be alone.
I am sorry that I always enable,
And every day I try to find another way to you.

I can admit to my addictions,
And wish I could be a better friend.
I am three kinds of crazy,
And every day I try to find another way to you

Someday, we'll be together
One day, you'll be back in my arms again
Someday, I will be where I belong
I've waited so long,
For someday.

I know who's to blame and that's a shame,
'Cause I know in the end, it doesn�