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Take Pills - Panda Bear

Take Pills

Person Pitch
experimental psychedelic freak folk indie folk

"Take Pills" is the fourth single for the Person Pitch LP by Animal Collective solo artist Panda Bear. While the title may appear to be an advocation of recreational drug use, the song is actually about his personal struggles with antidepressants. Along with a family history of depression, Lennox was told he would be on antidepressants his entire life. “The song is about appreciating what {antidepressants} did for me at the time but wanting to get off of them, and to try not to rely on them if I could.” The song is split into two distinct halves. The first half is based around a sample from Scott Walker's "Always Coming Back to You," which appears on his first solo record, Scott. The second half is taken from the song "Popeye Twist" by the The Tornados.

Panda Bear is the moniker of Noah Lennox, a founding member of Animal Collective and member of Jane. Lennox grew up in the Roland Park section of Baltimore, Maryland. As a child, he played sports, and studied piano and cello. He later sang tenor in his high school chamber choir. After graduation, he attended Boston University but dropped out in 2000 and moved to New York where he dedicated himself to his music. His first solo release was the self titled Panda Bear in 1998 Show more ...

Take Pills - Panda Bear

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