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Dreaming in the Veins of Kingu - Ofermod

Dreaming in the Veins of Kingu

black metal death metal Sweden Orthodox Black Metal heavy metal

Swedish metal band Ofermod has its roots in black metal, but its members currently refer to their own music as "Orthodox Qliphotic Death Metal" in an attempt to de-emphasize the satanistic associations of the former term in favour of more complex occult themes present in their later work. The group was originally a solo project in 1996 by guitarist Michayah, who at that time called himself Belfagor and was also active in the band Nefandus. In 1997, vocalist Nebiros joined the band. Show more ...

Dreaming in the Veins of Kingu - Ofermod

In the balance of unbalance
Cool waves of oppression
Soothing the chaos
That has left me hungry for Death

Deep satanic madness
Driven beyond every point
Driven in flesh and mind
Sanctified in tortured

Blissful naked clarity
Shameless pride
Blessed blackest purity
Life aside

In the balance of unbalance
Swallow this heart O Lord
Remove all that is human
Put aside all that is weak

For the beast is hungry O Lord
And the curse is present O Lord
Following my footsteps
It will not rest until I die

In the balance of unbalance
I turn to the forbidden
And pray to the Chaos beyond
The dot within the circle undone

Where the earth is yet formless and void
And life unthinkable
Where the waters are sterile and black
And the Berashith gone