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Death Cantata - Ofermod

Death Cantata

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Swedish metal band Ofermod has its roots in black metal, but its members currently refer to their own music as "Orthodox Qliphotic Death Metal" in an attempt to de-emphasize the satanistic associations of the former term in favour of more complex occult themes present in their later work. The group was originally a solo project in 1996 by guitarist Michayah, who at that time called himself Belfagor and was also active in the band Nefandus. In 1997, vocalist Nebiros joined the band. Show more ...

Death Cantata - Ofermod

And... into the corners of what is known and in order You
shall carry my voice To
awaken the Watery Serpent of Chaos To
swallow this world For
I am Death Disturbed...

in it's holy peace Life
taken from Death Blood
that is stirred in to butter An
image turned hostile Shatter
this mirror from which it mocks Thee Misgrown

diversity Flaunting
perversity Vain
existence where existence is Naught Godless

adversity Broken
Unity Dividing
the None into One And
the One into countless numbers Slay

them A...

countenance deformed the, grinning enemy Waiting
but to die The
None wants you back For
you are of me and, I am Death Aeons...

in perpetual rape and lament Receive
my deliverance Welcome
my redemption For
I am joy I, am Death Join...

me Die...