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Genesis - Northlane


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Northlane is a progressive metalcore band from Sydney, Australia. Having emerged in 2009, they maintain all the angst and aggression of conventional hardcore, however have crafted a fresh and innovative approach to modern metalcore into their style. The current lineup: Marcus Bridge - Vocals (2014-) Jon Deiley - Guitar (2009-) Josh Smith - Guitar (2009-) Nic Petterson - Drums (2010-) Past Members: Adrian Fitipaldes – Vocals (2009–2014) Brendan Derby – Drums (2009) Show more ...

Genesis - Northlane

Every single moment time will melt away my life
What choices do I have, how do I know what is wrong or right?
How do I speak of what I see through my own eyes?
Without telling you that the truth you’ve known is all a lie.
Stop living the lie, existing just because you can.
I can be the dreamer
I can, I am.