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Satanic Victory - Nattefrost

Satanic Victory

Blood & Vomit
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There is more than one artist with the name Nattefrost. 1) Formed in 2003, and with a shifting line up, NATTEFROST, is the solo project of Roger "NATTEFROST" Rasmussen, front man with the legendary Norwegian black metal band CARPATHIAN FOREST. NATTEFROST, one of the most recognisable and longest serving figures on the black metal scene, has never shied away from controversy - but at the same time he has never sacrificed quality for mere sensationalism. Show more ...

Satanic Victory - Nattefrost

Satanic Victory
The Death of hope
Hellish sinner, the earth in flames
The soul is burned
Stigmatized, Satanized!!!
Life is Hell
Forever cursed and haunted!

Vile Suicide visions
Leaving this earth
Satanic pride, satanic possessions
Satan claims your soul
Satan, ruler, master!!!!

["This is War, victory is ours, Destroy Everything"]