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Inseparable - Natalie Cole


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Natalie Cole (born Natalie Maria Cole 6 February 1950; died December 31, 2015) was an American singer, songwriter, and performer. The daughter of Nat King Cole, Cole rose to musical success in the mid-1970s as an R&B artist with the hits "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" , "Inseparable", and " Our Love". After a period of failing sales and performances due to a heavy drug addiction, Cole re-emerged as a pop artist with the 1987 album Everlasting and her cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Pink Cadillac". Show more ...

Inseparable - Natalie Cole

Inseperable, That's how we'll always be
Inseperable, Just you and me
It's so wonderful to know you'll always be around
Incredible, What you are to me
Incredible, You bring out the woman in me
With your style of love
Inseperable, Yes we are
Well like a flower to a tree
Like words to a melody of love
There's no way we could break up
No words that can make us
Blow our thing. We're just
Inseperable, That's how it is
Inseperable, For the rest of our years
It's so wonderful to know you'll always be around.