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Stargazer - Mother Love Bone


Mother Love Bone
Grunge alternative rock rock 90s alternative

Mother Love Bone was a rock band which formed in Seattle, Washington, United States in 1988. The band consisted of Andrew Wood (vocals, keyboards), Bruce Fairweather (guitar), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass) and Greg Gilmore (drums). The band released only one full length album, "Apple" (1990). The band disbanded in 1990 after Wood died in a coma caused by a heroin overdose. Ament and Gossard later formed Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam. Show more ...

Stargazer - Mother Love Bone

Written by Wood and Mother Love Bone
Crazy, crazy I'm the boy
Who defies all
Lift me higher than anyone
And hold my arms
Woman, woman she outta mind
And simply out of soul
She gets me higher than anyone
I miss her so
Stargazer you call the shots
And I take um
Stargazer won't ya kick with me
Dancer dancer I'm all wrong
She thinks she's young and wise
She dance around my cable car
And fix me up with a guy - why?
Stargazer you cry in blue
Anything I've ever seen
Ain't as good as you
I'm not trying to push your feelings (inside)
But I know you hold me like a putty in yo' hands
Cry for me and rub it in
Cry for the saviors and the prophets son
Dream of me and julie ann
Ah xana come back again
(repeat last two lines)