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Stardog Champion - Mother Love Bone

Stardog Champion

Mother Love Bone
Grunge rock 90s alternative hard rock

Mother Love Bone was a rock band which formed in Seattle, Washington, United States in 1988. The band consisted of Andrew Wood (vocals, keyboards), Bruce Fairweather (guitar), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass) and Greg Gilmore (drums). The band released only one full length album, "Apple" (1990). The band disbanded in 1990 after Wood died in a coma caused by a heroin overdose. Ament and Gossard later formed Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam. Show more ...

Stardog Champion - Mother Love Bone

san francisco, where the flowers bloom in spring
fade to winter, and see what disease brings
augustiono, with his eyes once a shining sea
he's half a shadow, god don't let that be me
i'm a stardog champion
west virginia, thats where myu father lies
wartime hero, the kind that money buys
a diamond bracelet, for my mommy memory
thats all she wrote, all she wrote for me...
i'm a stardog champion
i'm a stardog champion
and the children use ta sing of love
with grace from the lord above
and the children use ta sing out loud
etc repeat chorus etc....