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Chick Flick - Monkey Business

Chick Flick

Kiss Me On My Ego
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There are at least 3 bands called Monkey Business: Monkey Business - Prague, Czech Republic, official Facebook fanpage 1)The first band named Monkey Business is from Czech Republic and began in 2000 and immediately after releasing their first record quickly became an overnight sensation. After that, all four records of this great funky band from Prague opened to enthusiastic reviews and sold out concert tours. Show more ...

Chick Flick - Monkey Business

Trick of mind
Trick of my mind
little more twisted than you´d be expecting
Trick of mind
Trick of my mind
to be erect I need a bit of acting

Watch your back!
Before I strike I tell you why
Smack! Attack!
I will not wait for your reply

So sore
you know what I mean
gonna give you some more
gonna make you scream
let me give you the score
to satisfy my kinks
gonna give you some more
to deal with my emotions

Nothing new in store
you know what I mean
I´ve seen it before
you wanna make me scream
your one track mind
when you have your drinks
will always find
a new way to spike emotions

Where is the bottom of my servitude
Where is the top to go over
Should I just show you my gratitude
or should I try to stay sober?