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What's the Matter Now - Mississippi Fred McDowell

What's the Matter Now

The First Recordings
blues delta blues acoustic blues guitar and carry me away

Mississippi Fred McDowell was born Fred McDowell in Rossville, Tennessee, January 12, 1904. He died in Memphis,Tennessee on July 3, 1972. He was a blues singer and guitar player in the North Mississippi style. His parents, who were farmers, died when McDowell was a youth. He started playing guitar at the age of 14 and played at dances around Rossville. Wanting a change from ploughing fields, he moved to Memphis in 1926 where he worked in a number of jobs and played music for tips. Show more ...

What's the Matter Now - Mississippi Fred McDowell

What's The Matter Now 4: 56 Trk 10
Mississippi Fred Mcdowell
Recorded Sept. 25, 1959, Como Mississippi
(previously unreleased)
Fred Mcdowell - guitar & vocal
W/unk 'broom sweeping' background
Album: Portraits The First Recordings
Rounder cd 1718

Note: 2 women on track with spoken comments
Having fun throughout song. (poss. 3rd, young man)
#1 prob. Standing in back, #2 prob. Broomsweeper.

Unk 1: 'Thought I would stand in the back
I gotta hear those. '

Fred begins:
Well, what's the matter now?
Unk 1 'She left'
'Ooh, what she's doin'
Lord, I wonder
Baby, what's the matter now?

Unk 1 'Lord! Hoo!
Unk 2
Unk 1 'She left you'

Where were you when that
Little rooster crowed 'fore day?
Unk 1 'You go'd a-plenty out'
'You know where I was! '
Unk 2 'Don't tell! '

It was soon one mornin'
Baby, ev'rything was quiet
(Yeah!) (Hoo!)
Unk 'Good sound, Fred'
It was soon one mornin'
When ev'rything was quiet


Unk 1 'On my merry way, like he goin'
Unk 2 'You better tell him to stop then!
Unk 2 'i can't stop him! '
Unk 1 'You better! '

Lord, bring me my pistol
Lord, my shotgun, too
Poss Unk 3 'Book him, now'
Unk 2

Bring me my pistol
Bring me my shotgun, too
Unk 1 'Bet he kill little birdies'
Unk 1 'Little lambs, too'
If I meet my baby's nigger
Ain't no tellin' what he might do
Unk 1 'He, right'
Unk 1 'Um-hm'


Unk 3 'You ain't know'd his name'

Well, it's bye-bye, baby
I ain't got no mo' t'say
Well, it's bye-bye, baby
I ain't got no-ooh mo' t'say


Unk 1 'Sayin' them, things! '
Unk 2 'Go ahead 'n pull! '
Unk 2 'i can't keep doin' this broom!
Be happy if He Shot Me! '

'He try then, he see'

I'd rather see my mama
You come in sloppy drunk
(Yes, yes)

Ruther see my mama
Come in-in-in sloppy drunk
Then to see my baby, Lord
Packin' up her trunk

Unk 'Who says? '

Well, it's bye-bye, baby
Lord, if you call that gone

Well, it's bye-bye
If you call that gone.