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Symbols of Bloodswords - Mayhem

Symbols of Bloodswords

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There are multiple artists named Mayhem: 1) A Norwegian black metal band. 2) An electronica producer from USA. 3) A hardcore punk band from UK. 4) A Japanese black metal band. 5) A Hungarian thrash metal band. 1) Mayhem is a black metal band from Oslo, Norway which was originally formed in 1983, taking strong influence especially from Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Venom and from earlier Bathory. The name "Mayhem" was taken from the title of the Venom song "Mayhem with Mercy". Show more ...

Symbols of Bloodswords - Mayhem

All the stars in the North are dead now
All hte morals of wasted human...Debris
Walk with me into the night
Do not remove the cobwebs
Or war clinging to your face
They will tell of pains unknown
All the stars in the North are dead now
All the morals of wasted human debris
Torn to pieces - handcafted delirium
One war remians - WAR of everything
Tanto magis infra e cecidit
Quanto magis so contra gloriam
Sui conditoris erexit