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Silvester Anfang - Mayhem

Silvester Anfang

black metal instrumental drums True Norwegian Black Metal metal

Silvester Anfang was created by Conrad Schnitzler of Tangerine Dream. From an interview with Necrobutcher made for The Quietus: "How did Conrad Schnitzler end up composing the intro track on Deathcrush, 'Silvester Anfang'? NB: Well, that is an interesting story. In the Summer of '86 we were travelling round Europe on InterRail tickets. We were out there doing a promotional tour of the Pure Fucking Armageddon demo and went out to Germany to meet Kreator and all those bands and then on to London to hang out with Napalm Death. Basically the band and Metalion were going round Europe together. Euronymous wanted to go to Berlin to look for rare records by Tangerine Dream, Conrad Schnitlzer, Klaus Schulze and that type of experimental, avant garde music. He had Conrad Schnitzler's address so he went out there to see him. He rang the doorbell but Conrad Schnitzler's wife had told him that there was a weird looking kid hanging round outside the house, who looked like he wanted to come in. Conrad didn't dare open the door and said to his wife, 'Don't worry he will probably go away soon.' But he didn't, he just stood outside the door. So eventually Conrad came out and invited him in for tea. And then they talked. Euronymous communicated that he was a fan and Conrad gave him a lot of rare albums that he had and afterwards they started to correspond. So the idea was born to ask him if he could make an intro for the album. So we sent him Deathcrush and he came up with this 'Silvester Anfang' - which means New Year's Eve. I guess that's when he made it: on New Year's Eve. Of course it was very surprising and different. But at the same time it felt like he was inspired by listening to the tape and our music. Of course we used it. I heard when the story about what happened came out in the early 90s came out, he was very shocked but apparently when things calmed down he started to become proud that his intro was played all over the world by us. We kept it as our signature intro music. Everyone knows what is going on when they hear that intro playing. "

There are multiple artists named Mayhem: 1) A Norwegian black metal band. 2) An electronica producer from USA. 3) A hardcore punk band from UK. 4) A Japanese black metal band. 5) A Hungarian thrash metal band. 1) Mayhem is a black metal band from Oslo, Norway which was originally formed in 1983, taking strong influence especially from Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Venom and from earlier Bathory. The name "Mayhem" was taken from the title of the Venom song "Mayhem with Mercy". Show more ...

Silvester Anfang - Mayhem

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