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Carillon - Magic Box


Deejay Parade 2001
dance electronic eurodance electronica techno

Born in Latin (Rome), Tristano De Bonis, or Trix, began at 18 years as a DJ for parties and discos. He mixed his voice with various instruments such as guitar, bass and drums. Her frequent trips to England, Holland and Germany brought him new contacts in the music world. From there, Trix specializes in dance music genre that he felt it was "new". In August 2004, Magic Box, along with his sister Erika and DJ Ross, made a show at Planet Pop Festival, held by the Brazilian label Records Building at Via Funchal, São Paulo. Show more ...

Carillon - Magic Box

Last night I had a dream
Where I was all alone walking on the street
My carillon and me
Were two inseparable, strange melodies
Nobody was around
The silence and the gloom were so profound
I started to explore
But you were the only one I was looking for
I've never had a dream
Were I was singing that strange melody
My carillon and me
Were dancing on the world for eternity
Now that I am awake
I still feel the call that I won't forsake
It's an elusive love
That you contain into seven strange notes

I am a carillonneur and I play the carillon
I am a carillonneur and I play the carillon