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Couple of Kids - Maggie Lindemann

Couple of Kids

Couple of Kids
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Margaret Elizabeth "Maggie" Lindemann (born July 21, 1998) is an American singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. After quickly gaining a massive following on social media, she became well known for her song "Knocking on Your Heart". Her 2016 debut single "Pretty Girl" peaked at number 4 in Sweden, number 9 in Norway, and at number 21 in the UK. the turin shroud carbon dating internet dating site ukraine brides Show more ...

Couple of Kids - Maggie Lindemann

[Verse 1]
Take me back to the night, we met in the yard
Climbing up to the roof, hidden in the dark
With a bottle of win efor two, though I'm already drunk off you
Then we both fell asleep underneath the stars

We're young and naive, and you're telling me
That one day we'll run off together
I'm starting to think, I'm stuck in a dream
'Cause we're young and we don't know better

Now I'm falling heavily, recklessly
Trying not to lose my sensibility
But gravity, it pulls me into you
We're just a couple of kids
We're just a couple of kids
Sneaking out late for a kiss
'Cause were just a couple of kids

[Verse 2]
When I'm wrapped in your arms, I never feel a thing
Livin' life on a whim, there's never a routine
And it's troubling to live this way
When you nevwer know where you'll stay
But we live and we learn, I wouldn't change a thing


'Cause we're just a couple of kids