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Lifeless Dead - Mad Season

Lifeless Dead

Grunge alternative rock seattle rock 90s

This is Mad Season last performance in 1995. They rocked the Moore Theater and after just walked away into history. After this, the original 4 members never played together again. Of course John Baker Saunders died in 1999 of an Overdose and then Layne Stayley died in 2002 of an Overdose. I just can not believe how awesome these guys were, and now 2 of them are gone.

Formed in late 1994 Mad Season was a Seattle rock supergroup, made up of members from Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees, The Walkabouts and Alice In Chains. Their one album, Above, was released in 1995. The band went on permanent hiatus in 1996. Although not officially members of the band, Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees performed vocals on I'm Above and Long Gone Day, and Skerik of Critters Buggin, Les Claypool's Fancy Band and The Meters (among others) performed saxophone on Long Gone Day. Show more ...

Lifeless Dead - Mad Season

Lifeless dead, that unclean bed
Till or when her hunger's fed
How he'd wished that they would wed
"I promise on our love" she said
Promises were never kept
Alone on dirty floor he slept

Yeah, Lifeless Dead

And although he'd not accept
She was gone and so he wept
Then a demon came to him
"You must know I'm gonna win"

Yeah, Lifeless Dead

He said, she said
She led him dead
He said we bled
She said not fed

Lifeless Dead, Lifeless Dead
Lifeless Dead, Lifeless Dead...