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Your Life Is a Lie - MGMT

Your Life Is a Lie

indie pop indie electronic Psychedelic Rock indie 2013

"Your Life Is a Lie" is the second single released from the third album by MGMT, which was released as an instant download with the album pre-order on August 6, 2013. It is also the first time that the band has used a hashtag to promote any single; in recent posts on their social networks the hashtag "#YLIAL" can be seen, acronym for the title of the song. In an interview with XFM, VanWyngarden explained the meaning behind of this song: "Your Life Is a Lie in particular was never meant to be directed at our fans or anybody in particular. What it's meant for more is to be utilized as a kind of weapon that you can direct towards whoever you want and it's supposed to be an empowering song."

MGMT are an electropop band which formed in 2002 in Middletown, Connecticut, United States. The band consists of Andrew VanWyngarden (lead vocals, multiple instruments) and Ben Goldwasser (multiple instruments, vocals). The duo was signed to Columbia Records in 2006 and have since released four albums: "Oracular Spectacular" (2007), "Congratulations" (2010), "MGMT" (2013) and "Little Dark Age" (2018). They are best known for their 2008 singles "Time to Pretend", "Electric Feel" and "Kids", all of which were worldwide hits. Show more ...

Your Life Is a Lie - MGMT

Here is the deal
Open your eyes
Your life is a lie

Don't say a word
I'll tell you why
You live in a lie
Your life is a lie

But you deny
You ever lied
Wondering why
Buried alive

Count your friends
On your hands
Now look again
They're not your friends

Hold your breath
Everyone left
No surprise
Everyone lied

Tell your wife
This is your life
Your life is a lie
This is your life

Now she knows
She understands
Her life is a lie
Nobody wins

Try not to cry
You will survive
On your own

Lessons in life
Your live is a lie
Now is no time
Wondering why

Where in the world
Is that girl
You know she's alright
To live a life
Waiting to die
Not knowing that
Your life is a lie

Wondering why
Nobody right
Horrible site
Dreary delight
Fire and ice
Your life is a lie
Your life is a lie
Your life is a lie
Your life is a lie

On your own
One more time
Your life is a lie