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Вам, Глупым И Живучим - Lucifugum

Вам, Глупым И Живучим

На крючья да в клочья!
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1.) Lucifugum is a black metal band from the Ukrainian metal scene. They were formed in 1995 in Zhitomir by poet-composer Khlyst and musicians Bal-a-Myth (guitar, bass) and Faunus (vocals). Faunus has left the band in 2001, and Bal-a-Myth died during his sleep on October 5, 2002 because of overdose. Albums “Back to chopped down roots” and “Sociopath: philosophy cynicism” were recorded in 2003 by different session musicians, who, however, didn't join the band. Laat meer zien ...

Вам, Глупым И Живучим - Lucifugum