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Sen - Lucie


Černý kočky, mokrý žáby
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Lucie is a pop-rock band from the Czech Republic. They became one of the most successful rock bands in Czech history despite the fact that they have always refused to play on TV (maybe because of use of recordings instead of live performance). Lucie je česká hudební skupina. Po počátečním období krystalizace personálního obsazení a hudebního stylu (léta 1985–1987) vstoupila na hudební scénu první singlovou nahrávkou v roce 1988. Mostrar más ...

Sen - Lucie

I've got nothing 
Left for you to take away 
I know you blame me 
For every time you walked away 
So what you hate me 
And everything I seem to do 
So look back 
Don't turn away 
It was my face that you 
Were lying to

And in our lives 
We could find 
Everything just separates 
And in my live 
You could find 
Everything you want to take away

So what its not the same 
Every word out of your mouth is shit 
So look back 
Don't turn away 
It was my face and I am through with it

Why its all its old 
And every part it takes 
I know your faith 
You give but take another way

So what you hate me 
And everything is seem to do 
I know that you blame me for everytime 
I walk out on you 
I've got nothing