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So in Love - Lenka Dusilová

So in Love

Spatřit světlo světa

Dusilová began her professional singing career in 1988, joining the world-renowned children's choir Bambini di Praga at the age of 13. During the '90s, Dusilova was a member of several groups and played in the touring version of Lucie, the Czech's Republic's biggest pop-rock band, playing guitar and singing on two CDs. The band opened for the 1995 Rolling Stones show in Prague's Strahov Stadium. From 1991 to 1995 she was leader of the rock band Sluníčko (Little Tiny Sun) Show more ...

So in Love - Lenka Dusilová

Looking down
up an round
some body want s to love me
love my gown

The city s drowned, the echoes sounds
It s looking like the end of time
and I see my self

Deep down in side, in side your eyes

So shy?
So, here we go, my little devil
I m so glad you took me out
so, we can fly

Looking my eyes an tell me
why and what they do that
You re so in love

So in love
You fried to walk me
so, I can get by, but sorry, you/re too slow
so in love like yellow butterfly
lost in a big black sky...

Stříbrná mříž a pod ní díra
nad tebou kříž, z pavučin chrám
pojď ke mě blíž, jsi moje víra
chci s tebou umřít
já nechci už žít sám...

So in love
you wanna be with me
so, here we go...