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Jimmy Johnson - Lagwagon

Jimmy Johnson

Let's Talk About Leftovers
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Lagwagon is a punk band based in the small town of Goleta, California. Forming in 1990, they have released seven albums, all through San Francisco label Fat Wreck Chords. Although they are mostly a melodic hardcore punk band with a lot of metal influences in the soloing department and also in the riffing department especially in their vastly popular first 3 albums, key band members such as Derrick Plourde's and Shawn Dewey's departure and their poppier Show more ...

Jimmy Johnson - Lagwagon

I remember well holding him down
Silent under due his torture tortures me now
Pounding the mold forth the outside space why did they put jimmy johnson in a prison,
Didn't belong in some new school
He might find others just like him
Obviously he's retarded (look at your kids)
Look at what they see
Focus on an easy target
Torment the freak one golden rule children are cruel
No one here's more jimmy johnson
But where the kids are rotten
Jimmy make us proud
Jimmy johnson our brother and only son
So sorry please forgive us
For all that we done
We thought it would be best for you
If you could coexist
We had to put you to the test