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Jesus Fever - Kurt Vile

Jesus Fever

Smoke Ring for My Halo
indie indie rock singer-songwriter Lo-Fi psychedelic

Kurt Vile (born 1980 in Philadelphia) is an American guitarist and singer. Previously the lead guitarist in the band The War on Drugs, he began his solo career in 2008. Vile began his musical career in 2003 creating lo-fi home recordings with frequent collaborator Adam Granduciel. The duo subsequently formed the indie rock band The War on Drugs in 2005. Vile departed following the release of their debut studio album, Wagonwheel Blues, in 2008. Show more ...

Jesus Fever - Kurt Vile

I pack my suitcase with myself but I'm already gone
I cringed myself with that atoning hell, but I'm already gone!
I cleanse myself with vitamin health but I'm already gone
I saw it rising on the horizon and I saw it fall.
When but Jesus fever is falling all over you,
But Jesus fever's fallin' all over
You believers and lovers

In a breath
In a black bowl I found a broken skull now I'm already gone.
You can write my whole life down in a little book when I'm already gone.
I started shaking and my heart breaking, my belly crawls,
But Jesus fever's fallin' all over
You believers and lovers

When I'm a ghost, I see no reason to run,
When I'm already gone!
If it wasn't taped you could escape this song,
But I'm already gone