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Ascendant - Keep of Kalessin


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Keep of Kalessin are a Blackened Death Metal band that spawned back in 1994, under the name Ildskjaer, by the hand of Ghâsh and Obsidian C., later joined by Vyl and Warach. The band's violent yet dark and epic black metal - as well as the somewhat mysterious monicker and lyrics - are inspired by the work of American fantasy writer Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Farthest Shore". With this concept in mind, the guys recorded the first demo "Skygger Av Sorg" in the Fall of 1996 Show more ...

Ascendant - Keep of Kalessin

My name is equal to that of destruction
My kingdom is built on
(The ruins of) holy demise
The gods are brought down
By the hand of a mortal
My name will spawn legends
I ascend to the skies

Through time and space
We travel dimensions for eternity
We walk the path of the ancients
And leave mortality