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Hello Earth - Kate Bush

Hello Earth

This Woman's Work: Anthology 1978-1990
female vocalists alternative 80s singer-songwriter beautiful

Kate Bush (born Catherine Bush on 30 July 1958 in Welling, Kent, England, now part of Greater London) is an English singer and songwriter known for her expressive four-octave soprano voice, idiosyncratic and literary lyrics, and eclectic and meticulous musical and production style. She debuted in 1978 with the surprise hit "Wuthering Heights", which was number one in the British music charts for four weeks and the first UK number one by female artist with a self-penned song. Show more ...

Hello Earth - Kate Bush

"columbia now nine times the speed of sound."
"roger that, dan, I've got a solid tacan
Locked on, uh, tacan twenty-three. "
"the, uh, tracking data, map data and pre-planned
Trajectory are all one line on the block"
"roger (? ) your (? ) block (? ) decoded (? recorded? )"

Hello, earth.
Hello, earth.
With just one hand held up high
I can blot you out,
Out of sight.

Peek-a-boo, little earth.
With just my heart and my mind
I can be driving,
Driving home,
And you asleep
On the seat.

I get out of my car,
Step into the night
And look up at the sky.
And there's something bright,
Travelling fast.
Look at it go!
Look at it go!

[a men's choral passage in either czekh or russian is sung here.]


Watching storms
Start to form
Over america.
Can't do anything.
Just watch them swing
With the wind
Out to sea.

All you sailors,
("get out of the waves! get out of the water!")
All life-savers,
("get out of the waves! get out of the water!")
All you cruisers,
("get out of the waves! get out of the water!")
All you fishermen,
Head for home.

Go to sleep, little earth.
I was there at the birth,
Out of the cloudburst,
The head of the tempest.
Murder of calm.
Why did I go?
Why did I go?

[the men's choral passage is sung again several times here.]

"tiefer, tiefer.
Irgendwo in der tiefe
Gibt es ein licht. "

Go to sleep little earth.