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Four Years - Jon McLaughlin

Four Years

OK Now
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Jon McLaughlin is a U.S. pianist, guitarist, and pop/rock singer-songwriter. McLaughlin was born on September 27, 1982 in Anderson, Indiana. Playing piano since early childhood, he was always finding ways to get out of piano lessons. While attending Highland High School, he shattered both wrists in an accident that interrupted his musical education. Nevertheless, McLaughlin attended Anderson University to study music. He released an independent album entitled Up until Now in 2003. Show more ...

Four Years - Jon McLaughlin

They tore my high school to the ground
And put a new wing in the east lot on my old parking spot
It stands reminding me of how I wish that I could travel back in time and change my state of mind
So if you're still in your teens listen to me
It's hard to see beyond these walls of who you hope and hope not to be socially
Maybe you're in or you're out
But in the end when all your hats are in the air
Nobody's gonna care

So feather-weight freshman hold on
It's only 4 years long then it's gone
And the queen of the nerds and the king of the prom get a job
Look at them now
She's living her dreams while he sleeps with his crown
So be cool, be hard, be weird it's just 4 years

Next time you're walking through your school
Take a look at who's surrounding you, hounding you
It's all just castles in the sand
When your tassle's on the left side of your hat you're never going back
So homecoming court vote on

It's only 4 years long then it's gone
And the king of the nerds and the queen of the prom get a job
Wouldn't you know he's the ceo and she answers his phone
So be cool, be hard, be weird it's just 4 years

And as for the grades I know they're important
Everyone wants to be a wiz
All of it goes on permanent transcripts I just don't know where mine is

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