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Dance Your Life Away - Jon McLaughlin

Dance Your Life Away

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Jon McLaughlin is a U.S. pianist, guitarist, and pop/rock singer-songwriter. McLaughlin was born on September 27, 1982 in Anderson, Indiana. Playing piano since early childhood, he was always finding ways to get out of piano lessons. While attending Highland High School, he shattered both wrists in an accident that interrupted his musical education. Nevertheless, McLaughlin attended Anderson University to study music. He released an independent album entitled Up until Now in 2003. Show more ...

Dance Your Life Away - Jon McLaughlin

The sun sets on a saturday night and the keys are in my hand
Jamie says that she wants to stay in but she just don't
I worked all week at the restaurant and I just need to cut loose
So if you feel like me get your brand new shoes meet me at 1st avenue
No excuses let the music rock your body right

No more sorrow
We might not be here tomorrow
So just live for the moment and dance your life away

The clock says it's a quarter past 2
But we just don't wanna leave
If we can't dance on the ceiling we'll be dancing in the street
No excuses let the music rock your body right