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Release Me - Johnny Adams

Release Me

Heart & Soul
soul New Orleans rhythm and blues New Orleans Blues 1970

January 5, 1932 - September 14, 1998 American blues singer from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was known as "The Tan Canary" for the amazing range of his singing voice and his gospel influenced style. He began his career singing gospel, but crossed over to secular music in 1959 and scored a national hit with the single "I Won't Cry." That was followed by a string of regional hits in the 1960s which included "Release Me" and "Reconsider Me." In the 1980s and 1990s Adams recorded several award-winning albums for Rounder Records. Show more ...

Release Me - Johnny Adams

Please release me
Oh, let me go, oh, yes

You see I, I don't
Love you anymore, no, no

To live
To never lie is a sin
Oh, release me
If you don't need me
If you don't want me
Oh, baby, why don't you
Just let me love again
Oh, let me love again

I, I said I found
A new love, dear
Oh, let me tell you
About her right now

I'll always, said I'll always
I'll always want that
Girl right near
Oh, let me tell you how
Sweet she is, oh, yeah

Oh, yeah, her lips
You get that
Her lips are warm
While yours are cold
They're so doggone cold
I wonder what's
The matter, baby

But, girl, girl
Release me
If you don't want me
If you're just trying
To use me

Why don't you just
Why don't you just
Why don't you just
Let me go

Maybe you didn't hear what
I said that time, baby
Wanna say it one more time

Her lips are warm
While yours are cold
Please, release me, baby
Release me, baby
Girl, why don't you, oh
Just let me go
(Let me go)