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Sometimes - Jana Kirschner


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Jana Kirschner is a Slovak singer, musician and songwriter. She became a respected artist in Slovakia. Up to 2003, the success of her four Universal albums had been mainly confined to Slovakia and the Czech Republic; she was singing (for the most part) in her mother language and playing to an audience who knew her, loved her and generally had the T-shirt. This is where new album ‘Shine’ comes in; 11 songs that roll like liquid honey, all easy drift and rainy-day emotion Show more ...

Sometimes - Jana Kirschner

Sometimes I feel lonely, lonely, lonely
Sometimes my heart speaks to me so slowly
Sometimes I feel like a little child

A broken rose for the Valentine
Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s fine
Sometimes, sometimes, oh yeah
Everything is hard, everything is hard, sometimes

They always say
Happiness will find you
Must be two steps ahead
If it’s not right behind you

Your odds are low, expectations high
I say, come on baby don´t be so uptight!
Sometimes you stumble, sometimes you’re right