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Goodbye - Iyaz


So Big - EP
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Keidran Jones (born 1987, in Tortola, British Virgin Islands), better known by the stage name Iyaz, is a Caribbean pop/rnb singer and rapper signed to Beluga Heights Records. He was first contacted by Sean Kingston on MySpace, and, after initially ignoring Kingston's emails, he finally replied, and he was then signed a week later to Kingston's Time Is Money Entertainment. Iyaz released his debut single "Replay", which was co-written by Jason Derülo, in July 2009. Show more ...

Goodbye - Iyaz

Goodbye... goodbye
I'm speaking from the heart no shiz
Since you up and left
It has never been the same
Why would I lie (lie)
You never realized (lized)
That when I'm in your presence
You give me butterflies

And when were talking
Telophone in my hand
And I asked if you were tired
You said no well yawning
Next and same thing
Oh why [girl]did you have to go away

R: and I just thought that you should know
(Youre always on my mind)
And I could never let you go
(Not even if I tried)
And I can fill the deepest valleys
With all the tears I've cried (I've cried)

C: and I never want to have to say
Goodbye... goodbye (no way)
If you could see how much I've cried
Cuz I never want say
I can't let go even if I tried
I don't wanna say
Goodbye... goodbye

Baby [girl] if you're listening to this
{I'm here to make a list
Of all the things that I miss}
You're [long] hair [pretty] eyes
[Super model hips]
When you give my hand a squeeze
Every time that we kiss
When we {up and you're telling me this}
And we watching television

Just couple of the things
That we sit on reminiscing
And I would start to cry
Every time that you would cross my mind

And I just want anotha chance
Forget about everything
Just give me back romance
I love the way you move
I love the way you walk
The way you're eyes close
When smile and you talk

And just the thought of me without you
Drives me insane
And it'll never be the same
If I ever said
Goodbye... goodbye

*written by ear
[Can change for girl to guy]
{not sure if right lyrics}