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The Holy Message of Aum - IXXI

The Holy Message of Aum

black metal Sweden raw black metal

Dirty, filthy, guttural cult Swedish Black/Thrash Metal. Formed in 2006 by Acerbus and Nattdal. In July 2006 IXXI recorded their first album simply called IXXI at Endarker Studio and it was released on Total Holocaust Records in 2007. Their second album, also recorded at Endarker Studio, June 2007, called Assorted Armament was released in the end of 2007 by Sigilla Malae. The third album called Elect Darkness was recorded June, 2008, and released by Candlelight Records UK, march 2009. Show more ...

The Holy Message of Aum - IXXI

We are death squadron
We are the living dead
We march the earth laughing
In your face, fuck you!
You are the problem
We're the fucking solution

We'll cleanse your cities to ruin
We'll purge your filth
We break straight through
Mediocre laws you built

A truth so razor-sharp
You will fall in rank or try and hide
Armageddon's motherfucking looming
In your Christian nature to fucking die

So greet death legion
Great end times
We're the revelation
Unto all fucking nations

War of potence, war of blood

A truth so razor-sharp
So much more than a fucking song

Beyond the curtains of the blind
And not far away
Prepare yourself for Armageddon