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People Keep Talking - Hoodie Allen

People Keep Talking

People Keep Talking

Make every word count. This has long been the mantra of Hoodie Allen, the New York based rapper and songwriter. With a penchant for candid storytelling and witty punchlines, Hoodie has always been an emcee who understood the importance of connecting with the audience through his lyrics. A purveyor of summertime anthems, Hoodie Allen has gained notable buzz on the internet for his unique genre-blending style, unafraid to sample from unconventional sources. Show more ...

People Keep Talking - Hoodie Allen

I'm gonna talk when I wanna talk
I don't need the long distance to plan this shit
Did it on my own with no management
Must be why nobody can manage him
And you know I always want to take advantages
Find a poor kid, sell him on a fantasy
But I've always been way above the average
That's why nobody else can compare to me
Other rappers don't offend me
Cause I got more drive than a Bentley
In the driveway with a., dream girl.
I'm just trying to get an Emmy
Fuck that, I just wanna get a Grammy
Then add three more for my family
Got a plan but I never had a plan B
If you think you'll fail then you might as well drive in a Camry
And I may never get the cover of that Rolling Stone
Didn't fit the vibe they were going for
., but I couldn't excel
They said we really don't get it but we're wishing you well
Oh well, lol, ain't got time for no print
Fame come and go when you rhyming so shit
Ain't gotta sign on no dotted line
But if I do, fuck you for criticizing
When I pick up the phone, they don't even call back
They just leave me a voicemail
They gon tell you changed and shit ain't the same
Like this shit was a choice, hell
My haters are kicking the bucket
It must have been hard to be wrong all along
But isn't it love when they memorize every damn word of your song?

Cause they be calling my phone but you already know
I be hitting ignore cause you late
I just throw it away, I don't care what they say at all
Cause people keep talking, people keep talking
But I don't hear nothing when people keep talking

[Verse 2:]
One shot, two shot, three shot, super drunk
Four shot, wrong shot, jump shot, no fucks
Even when I spit it I'ma be the spitting image
Of somebody you recognize when you watching television
I'm just trying to be like Jordan, I'm tired of being Pippen
I've been coming off the bench and watching my haters get it's a young Jake Gyllenhaal,. The beat cause I kill em all
. Seat cause I fill them all
Go hard motherfucker, ain't a pen involved
Y'all try to get up any way that you can
Step on the back of your favorite fan
Charging like 50 to take a quick picture
You scummy ass rappers are not in demand
And you certainly ain't in it for love
I'm just saying this shit cause it's true
I know that all of y'all wanted a bus cause the image important to you
Well I guess that's human nature
Selfish motherfuckers never do you favors
Till they all get dropped and they sent to waivers
Go shop get shelved like it's Lord and Taylor (what?)
I'm the man in the city, well I guess that'd make you the miss
These rappers are acting all over the mic nowadays and they ain't Ludacris
You tell me you hate I exist while your girlfriend is grooving to all of my songs
She made you a Spotify playlist and there ain't no room for you dog?