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Awful - Hole


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"Awful" is the third and final single by Hole from their album Celebrity Skin. The lyrics explore how the media and modern pop culture corrupt young girls and how they should rebel. There is, allegedly, a brief allusion to Gavin Rossdale on the lyrics, who once had a fling with Courtney Love. Described as "funny" but also "kind of sad" by the writer herself, Courtney Love has proclaimed that this is one of her most loved songs. Writing the lyrics offered her a backwards glimpse at the angry, determined youth she once was but with the sobering experience of her adult years. The words were written before the music and were initially more than 2 pages long. At the time they included "we are always on the list, we have always wanted this / finally we're popular, finally we're pretty!" Courtney condensed the tome into the current format to give the song a more suitable length. The opening riff which carries throughout the song and the rhythm were written by bassist Melissa Auf der Maur and drummer Patty Schemel, who were roommates at the time. Although credited for authorship, Patty left during recording sessions due to personal issues, and as such does not drum on the track, something Courtney laments. While Courtney has revealed only that she wishes Patty's great rhythm was still on the track, Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson implied that Celebrity Skin producer Michael Beinhorn drove Schemel to a nervous breakdown.

Hole was an American alternative rock band formed by singer and guitarist Courtney Love and lead guitarist Eric Erlandson in Los Angeles, California in 1989. Influenced by Los Angeles' punk rock scene, and produced by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, the band's debut album, Pretty on the Inside (1991), attracted critical interest from British and American alternative press. Their second album, Live Through This, released 1994 by DGC Records, which featured less aggressive melodies and more restrained lyrical content Show more ...

Awful - Hole

Swing low sweet cherry
Make it awful
It's your life, it's your party, it's so awful
Let's start a fire
Let's have riot! Yeah it's awful
It was punk
Yeah, it was perfect now it's awful

They know how to break all the girls like you
And they rob the souls of the girls like you
And they break the hearts of the girls

Swing low, cherry, cherry
Yeah it's awful
He's drunk, he tastes
Like candy, he's so beautiful
He's so deep, like dirty water
God, he's awful
You're lost, oh, where's your daddy - he's so awful

And they royalty rate all the girls like you
And they sell it out to the girls like you
To incorporate little girls

Hey, run away with the light
Run away, it's divine
Let's run away, yeah, tonight and
We'll steal the light of the world

Swing low, sweet cherry, yeah, it's awful
You're ripe for the picking, it's so awful
You've got your youth
Don't waste your money
Yeah it's awful
I was punk
Now I'm just stupid
I'm so awful

Oh, just shut up you're only 16
Oh, just shut up you're only 16

If the world is so wrong
Then you can break the mold
With one song
If the world is so wrong
Then you can take it on
With one song

Swing low sweet cherry
Make it awful
They blew it up, just build a new one,
Make it beautiful... Yeah